Site Usage Policy

These regulations refer to the purchase of products by all customers of the site.

Any person / legal entity incorporated and / or registered in Israel or abroad that is qualified to carry out purchases of products and services according to the law and   responding to demand of the minimum age required in the country of residence for the purpose of executing purchase transactions and is authorized to carry out purchases of products offered on the Company’s website may make a purchase on the site subject to the terms of these regulations. Hereinafter: the purchaser

The purchaser hereby declares that he is aware of the site’s rules and rules applying to the purchase of products through the company’s website, that he knows these rules, agrees to their applicability to the act of purchase, and that he and / or anyone acting on his behalf will have no claim or demand against the Company and / or the operators of the Site and / or anyone acting on their behalf, other than claims relating to breach of the Company’s obligations and / or operators of the Site pursuant to these Articles.

Purchase of products

All services and products sold on the Company’s website are offered to purchasers for purchase at the stated price.

In transactions executed by credit card, if the credit card company’s approval is not received on time, the purchaser will have no validity to the acquisition.

In order to complete the purchase, the purchaser will be required to fill out personal details, including his e-mail information on the website. The filling of the details is a condition for the execution of the purchase, but the Company may prescribe additional ways and / or other ways to obtain the purchaser’s details.

The Company shall be entitled to condition the supply of the product to the purchaser with the signature of the credit card holder after identification by means of an appropriate certificate and presentation of the credit card – on the credit card voucher upon delivery of the product.

The Company offers to purchase on the Site products in quantities, at price and on conditions as it deems appropriate at its sole discretion. The Company reserves the exclusive right to determine the quantity of each product offered for purchase and to limit the quantity of products to one purchaserתנאי מוקדם The approval of the purchase action is that the purchased product is in the company’s inventory and / or the supplier’s inventory. The Purchaser shall have no claim and / or claim in this matter subject to the Company informing the Purchaser of the absence of the Product from the inventory and refunding any amount paid to the Company and / or canceling the charge.

The Company may provide the Purchaser with some or all of the Products through a third party. In this case there may be delays in the supply of the product dependent on that factor, the Company will be exempt from liability for these delays and the Purchaser will not have any claim and / or claim against the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf in connection with supply delays.

A prerequisite for approving the purchase action is that the company sends the product to the address of the purchaser in Israel and / or abroad. The Purchaser shall not have any argument  and / or claim in this regard subject to the Company informing the Purchaser that it does not provide the Buyer’s address and will refund any amount paid by him (if paid) to the Company and / or cancel the charge (if any),

The purchaser will be required to enter into the system his personal details, including his name and address, as well as the credit card number and type, through which he wishes to execute the purchase transaction. However, the Company may prescribe additional and / or other ways to enter into and provide details of the purchaser. The Company shall not be liable for any error in the execution of the purchase action resulting from the insertion of any incorrect details by the Purchaser into the Purchaser’s system, agreeing that the Company will keep its details in its data system.

The Company’s computer system maintains a computerized registration for each purchase operation performed on the Company’s website, and its registration will constitute prima facie proof of everything related to the execution of the acquisition transaction.

Cancellation of a purchase transaction

The Purchaser shall be entitled to cancel the transaction in writing under the following conditions:

When the transaction is for the purchase of a product: by written notice to the company / mil offices within fourteen days from the date the buyer received the product.

When the transaction is for the purchase of a service: within fourteen days from the date of making the transaction, provided that its cancellation is made at least five days, not rest days, prior to the date on which the service is supposed to be given.

It is not possible to cancel a transaction for the purchase of goods that are lost, goods manufactured specifically for the purchaser, goods that have been damaged or have been used by the purchaser and goods that may be recorded, reproduced or duplicated, goods the purchaser has opened their original packaging, also, a transaction can not  be canceled when the value of the purchased product is less than $15.

In the case of canceling the purchase, the purchaser is required to return the product to the Company’s office at 9 Ruth Street, Kfar Saba. In accordance with the provisions of the law, the Company may demand from the purchaser cancellation fees if the cancellation was not done due to a defect. As detailed in Section 14E of the Law, the cost of the return will apply to the purchaser.

Furthermore, in the event of such cancellation, if the value of the product is reduced due to a significant deterioration in its condition, the Company may offset the impairment in value from the refund to the customer and / or claim its damages from the purchaser.

The cancellation of the purchase transaction which is not in accordance with these conditions will not be valid

Additional Terms

The Company reserves the right to amend these regulations, add to it and / or derogate from its provisions. Each purchase transaction is subject to the provisions of the by-laws which will be in force at the time and will be published on the Company’s website.

All prices shown on the company’s website include VAT, excluding prices for overseas customers. Product prices do not include shipping charges.

The pictures of the products displayed on the Company’s website are for illustration only and are not binding.

If factors and / or events that are not under the Company’s control will delay and / or prevent the sale of the products or any part thereof, and / or affect the dates of supply of the Products to the Purchasers, and / or affect the prices of the products, and / or if there will be a change in the tax rates and / or levies applicable to the products that are the subject of the transaction between the date of execution of the purchase and the planned delivery date according to the terms of purchase of the products, the Company may announce the cancellation of the purchase / delay transaction

If a mistake is found in the description of the product, its price, the payment terms detailed beside it, its picture or any other material relating to the product or receipt of the data from the purchaser, the Company may cancel the purchase transaction at any time until it is delivered to the purchaser.

If the Company becomes aware that it can not, within its usual means, supply the products to the purchaser in his place of residence and / or is unable to guarantee that the service companies will provide the products with the buyer’s place of residence, the Company may cancel the purchase transaction at any time until the product is delivered to the buyer.

If the transaction is canceled according to the above sections, the Company will refund to the purchaser the full consideration it paid, if it paid, and / or cancel the debit of its credit card, and the purchaser will not be entitled to any compensation for the cancellation of the transaction.

Each product will be delivered to the customer via shipment, and will not be collected independently, unless with special and prior approval.

In any dispute concerning the purchase transaction, the competent court in the area of the Company shall have exclusive and exclusive jurisdiction.

Any notice to the purchaser shall be made to the address and / or according to the details entered into the system, during the execution of the purchase. Such notice sent by mail shall be deemed to have reached the purchaser within 7 days from the date of dispatch.